Women's Questionnaire


Menstruation occurs when the uterus sheds its lining once a month.

Some pain, cramping, and discomfort during menstrual periods are normal.

Excessive pain that causes you to miss your day-by-day life is not.

Reiki is a natural, nurturing form of hands-on energy healing that brings balance to the body, mind and soul.

Originating from Japan, Reiki (pronounced Rey – kee) has shown great results in supporting women’s holistic health and wellness.

A 2011 study showed that Reiki application reduced the intensity of pain, the value of anxiety, and the breathing rate and lowered the need for pain relief medication in women of all ages.

When there is a hormonal imbalance, one or more of the following symptoms may be present:

Irregular menstrual cycle.

Muscle aches.

Menstrual pain.

Dry skin.

Sleep problems.

Fluctuations in weight.

Digestive issues.

Sensitivity to cold and/or heat.

Changes to sex drive.

Unexplained or excessive sweating.

Anxiety and/or depression.

Reiki may help to support blood circulation and restores flow.

It is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that provides relief from menstrual symptoms and brings an overall sense of calm and deep relaxation.


Sessions are available for 30 minutes. Your initial consultation, where you will meet your Reiki practitioner, will include a brief overview of the process and what to expect. Let your practitioner know about any symptoms you are experiencing and if there is a particular area you would like to focus on. During the treatment, you may feel sensations such as warmth, coolness, tingling or numbness.

It is also natural to fall asleep or have vivid visualisations or memories arise.

Following a Reiki session, women generally report feeling lighter, calmer and more grounded.

Women receiving Reiki for hormonal health often also notice the positive benefits that enhance their overall wellbeing, noting positive changes in their sleep and eating patterns and feeling a greater sense of balance.

If you are hoping to find more balance and flow, Reiki may be a nourishing way to support your health today.

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